PT. BEton Sarana Teknik (PT. BEST)was established in 15 October 2008. With office headquarter located in Surabaya – Indonesia, we are focused to distribute our products and services, as well as to be able to deliver our expertise across Indonesia region.

Our company is run by dedicated people with capability and competency in the area of groundwork foundation and other concrete products. Led and organized by board of directors with sound expertise and experience for more than twenty years in the construction foundation/concrete industry, we intend to produce excellent quality concrete products and to deliver our professional services.

As a developing country with numerous potential infrastructure projects and high-rise buildings, we understand there is still high demand for concrete products in Indonesia. Thus, with that in mind we formed our core goal which is to fulfill this demand of pile products (groundwork foundation) and other concrete products for both our current and prospective clients.

Looking ahead, we aim to “spread our wings” further in becoming first class concrete producer in the industry. This involves growing our presence and capturing the groundwork foundation market throughout Indonesia region, while also concentrate on the current existing business and opportunities.

With our motto as “The Best Solution” for groundwork concrete foundation and other concrete products, we target to meet client/consumer satisfaction and we wish to go forward jointly with our working partners.


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  1. PT BEton Sarana Teknik (PT BEST) is Prestressed Concrete Products Producer
    Our main products are prestressed concrete pile, sheet pile, corrugated sheet pile and other concrete products.
    Our Head Office is located in Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
    We pride ourselves in serving client in diverse market territory including regional Indonesia itself and surronding countries.
    For more inquiries, please contact us at

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